Whether you are dealing with digestive issues or depression, relationship problems or hormonal imbalances, a shift in your career or a major life event, change will be necessary. I work with people who are ready to do what it takes to create that change.   

I offer safe space, nonjudgmental and compassionate listening, guidance when requested, strategic intervention when necessary, and Kali energy on demand.


I use four tools in every session: my ear, my intuition, my heart, and my training. 

My ear:

Compassionate listening can heal and when you spend time with me, you will feel heard.

I started playing violin when I was three years old. I practiced 2 hours every morning, performed as concertmaster at Tanglewood and on the stage at Carnegie Hall. But I found my passion performing chamber music in intimate settings and playing duets on the streets of Europe to pay for my travels.  Ultimately, I landed a gig as a music producer where I was actually paid to use my ear to get the best performance I could out of the artists in front of me. My ear has been so well-trained and I owe so much gratitude to that training now that I see how rare it is to find people who are able to really listen with full attention and without distraction. It is my belief that honing this astute listening skill would facilitate connection and heal our wounds.  If we get really god at it, we could actually hear our innermost voice, our inner compass, and the wise guidance we usually seek outside of ourselves. 

My intuition:

My intuition is an extension of my ear. Hearing the voice is one skill, trusting that voice is another thing entirely. It has taken me years to make the leap but I trust that voice implicitly now. This voice lives in my body not my mind and I believe the body holds the wisdom we so desperately seek. This is the voice that tells us exactly what to do next. I hold space with no attachments and I stay curious and create a safe environment where I invite you trust that voice too. Then I may ask some questions to gain more clarity and to give you more clarity, and so long as we remain committed to trusting our inner voice, answers arise. You may voice it or I may voice it but in either case you will get an immediate NO or a definite YES. The point here is that you get a clear response that guides you to the next step. It either feels right or it doesn’t and only you will be able to tell me that. We maintain an open level of dialogue. It’s an intimate experience. It can be scary. You are likely to get a release of some kind or an AHA that helps you take the next step. This practice of trusting and following your intuition in a safe environment gives us the courage we need to do the same out there in the world. 

My heart:

Most of us were robbed of unconditional love at a young age. Our parents are not bad people, they did the best they could with the resources they had. It was not modeled for them, so they could not model it for us, But if we want to stop passing on this legacy, we have to be the ones who change it. I speak from experience when I say it’s a tall order, it’s totally possible and the resulting freedom is unlike any feeling I've ever known. The first step is to recognize what unconditional love feels like and to practice receiving it.

The silver lining of being raised in a codependent relationship, was that I was trained from a young age to put other people first.  While I will forever be on a path to recovery from codependence, I now know where my boundaries lie and if or when they have been crossed. However, my first instinct will always be compassion and empathy. I am both proud and grateful for that instinct. It is what I most want role-modeled for my children and my greatest wish for the world around me.

Whether we meet once or we meet often, what I offer will feel like nourishment for your soul so long as you are willing to take a risk, be vulnerable, and receive it. 

My training:

I have accumulated a multitude of degrees, licenses, certificates, and experiences in the world of health, nutrition, mental & emotional well-being, and core strength.  Based on our time together exchanging our ears, intuitions, and hearts, I may offer some of the following additional tools to help integrate your learnings and to anchor them physically so that your mind and body are in alignment and so that your body gains the wisdom you have realized and reminds you of it when you waiver and if you listen closely.

  • acupuncture, gua sha, cupping, and tui na
  • qi gong energy work
  • meditation instruction
  • mental reframing
  • food as medicine
  • herbs and supplements for added nutrition
  • exercises for core strength 
  • stretching for flexibility and/or pain relief

My fees: 

Initial Consultation (1.5 hr) $162

Full Written Report for your reference $90

Follow Up (1 hr) $108

Sliding Scale upon request starts at $81. 

Sessions are held in person or remotely via Facetime or Skype.