Let the midwives and doctors focus on the medical and clinical aspects of birth. 
Allow your friends and neighbors to handle the postpartum meal train and support. 
Give yourself the freedom and space to choose who to allow into this bubble you are creating. 

Let me support you through the fear of the unknown, 
the anticipation of your process,
the intensity of your labor,
the challenge of your surrender, 
the birth of your baby,
and your initiation into motherhood. 

I will tend to you while reminding you of your power at every turn.


What's my style? 

More than anything, it is my ability to tune into a women's emotional and physical needs that defines me. I have had an intuitive women's health practice for the past thirteen years and I have treated issues relating to a wide range of hormonal imbalances that often accompany transitions in a women’s life.  I have coached pregnant mamas through past traumas and present fears, administered acupuncture to prevent medical intervention before childbirth as well as guided women through postpartum issues relating to breastfeeding, mastitis, and depression. I also have a full nutrition practice that incorporates both food as medicine as well as herbs and supplements for prenatal and postpartum nourishment. My pilates certification has given me an intimate understanding of core anatomy and physiology as well as verbal cues that can greatly aid during all stages of labor and childbirth. I draw on this training and experience to offer a wide range of support to pregnant mamas who cross my path. (Please feel free to peruse other pages on my site like this one and this one for more about my history, my training, and my style of practice.)  

I also have learned through time and experience that full time doula careers can easily lead to burnout. It is for this reason that I have decided to partner with one of the most experienced doulas in the Seattle area. Meghan Heather Ford has doula-ed over 200 births in every hospital in the area and in many homes. She is well versed in every possible scenario that may or may not come up and is exceptionally good at normalizing the chaos and whirlwind that birth brings. Meg and I have been friends for over 25 years and we have an easy time communicating both with each other and with our clients. We believe strongly in knowledge as a form of power and in laughter as a form of medicine. In our case, Meg usually covers the first prenatal as that is her area of expertise. I usually cover the second prenatal as that is where I shine. We have been in situations when only one of us ends up at a birth, when both of us end up at a birth, and when we split forces when births take longer than expected. We believe that our shared partnership offers our clients more than double the expertise, care and compassion you can expect from one doula. We trust you will feel the same way. We serve the Bainbridge Island and Seattle area.


  • 1st prenatal meeting to navigate your choices and assist in creating a birth plan that best suits your needs and lifestyle

  • 2nd prenatal meeting to help you and your partner maximize the resources you have in your mind, body, and spirit to get you through labor

  • Full access to us by phone, text or email anytime after we begin working together.

  • Continuous labor support at your home, birth center or hospital

  • Initiation of breastfeeding following delivery

  • 1 postnatal visit within 10 days of your birth to help you process your birth and motherhood as well as offer breastfeeding support

  • Referrals to best-in-their-field postpartum professionals (lactation consultant, prenatal/postnatal massage, craniosacral or energy work practitioners, postnatal doula, osteopaths, etc.)

  • 10% discounts on my other services from the moment we begin working together through the end of your 4th trimester (acupuncture, coaching, extra pre/postnatal nutritional support, strength & flexibility exercises for your pre/postnatal body).


"Your advice and guidance were so incredibly helpful to my experience. And I know the acupuncture really kept things moving for me, which was what I wanted.  I think you pushed me in a really positive way that not everyone would have and that was exactly how it was meant to happen." - JW, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Seattle

OUR Fee: 

$1800 for shared doula services ($900 to each doula)

This is one of the most vulnerable and empowering moments of your life and it would be MY honor to serve you during this time.