“Life became my practice, and mistakes became my teacher."  - Adya

Fear, anxiety, and trauma have made their marks on my life. For the first 25 years I stored them all in the deepest recesses of my body and mind. And then through the pain of debilitating migraines, severe blood loss, volatile relationships and emotional pain, I became acquainted with the underworld that we all live with and get very good at ignoring. This darkness became my most honest friend, the one I could count on to give it to me straight. She held me tight until I let go of my grip and grew comfortable in her embrace. And I stayed there for 7 straight years at which point I went into the deepest of hidings - solitary retreat. For three months, I lived in a cabin in the Vermont woods with no running water, no electricity, no other people, and no distractions. Eight hours of daily meditation, a magnifying glass to the dark side of my soul and forced self care was just the initiation I needed to humble myself, practice radical self acceptance, and emerge whole.

I had another deep dive into darkness recently. This one only lasted three years. I share this to let you know that on the other side of this journey is not a life with less fear or less trauma but rather a changed perspective, a new set of eyes and a toolbox of resources that I can rely on when things get tough. I am no longer afraid of the darkness or the energy that accompanies it. I am inspired by the lessons it brings and its true and compassionate motive to help me evolve. It is my greatest passion to help others make friends with the darkness that has come knocking, to extract the greatest amount of wisdom from this transition, and to emerge with resilience and resources to use next time she visits. 


A Deep Bow

I have been in private practice for 13 years but not a day goes by that I do not offer gratitude to my teachers and mentors who have guided me along the way.

I was fortunate enough to have received a Masters in Oriental Medicine after spending three years studying with Jefferey Yuen, an 88th generation Taoist priest, who passed on the Classical Chinese Medicine tradition which was practiced in China before Mao came to power.
I studied qigong energy work with Damaris Jarboux, one of the eight founders of The National Qigong Association. 
I studied meditation from Burmese, Thai, Japanese and Tibetan masters throughout my adult life in addition to completing a personal three-month silent retreat. 
In addition to Chinese Medicine nutrition, I studied Western nutrition from T. Colin Campbell author of The China Study
I studied women’s health from the revolutionary Dr. Christiane Northrup, Wellness Speaker, and NY Times best seller, author of Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom, Wisdom of Menopause, Mother-Daughter Wisdom and Goddesses Never Age
In addition to my Pilates certification, I studied biomechanics, postural alignment, and the art of listening with my hands by the one and only Kelly Kane of the Kane School in NYC. 
I am a certified Tribal Leadership Coach thanks to the wisdom of David Logan, John King, and Wyatt Woodsmall who taught me about personal and organizational evolution through crisis. 


What Others Say

"Liza Pascal is one of those rare souls we were blessed to have enter our lives. It is the exception in today's world to operate out of full integrity and with total commitment and this is exactly what Liza does. She is a visionary, a force of nature and stands at the forefront in the winds of our changing world. Liza is a true Spiritual Warrior."


-Penny and Phil Kirk

"Liza is to coaching what the laser is to surgery. She vaporizes blocks and limiting beliefs with no bleeding, scarring or recovery time."

-Deborah Kern, Ph.D.

"Liza has been an invaluable resource for me and my own health. I can say that I feel changed each and every time we meet, with a new awareness of what aspects of my health most need my attention. I recommend Liza to all my clients who present with challenges or a desire to make subtle, acute, or long term changes in their health."

-Kerry Lewis, Owner/Director, The Integrated Body

"Liza Pascal is the real deal. She's incredibly intuitive, compassionate, and smart."

-Christiane Northrup, MD

"I highly recommend Liza’s unique approach for anyone who wants to take charge of their personal health issues and actualize their life’s purpose."

-Kim Speek, Boulder, CO

"Liza's ability to see and communicate the truth in any situation is astounding and inspiring. Whether it's in her coaching, speaking, leadership, or simply as a friend, Liza emanates intense focus on the heart of the matter. She's tenacious and takes an unyielding stand to bring out the best in herself and those who are lucky enough to work with her closely."

-Kate Northrup